Emotional Health & Fitness
Most people are more receptive to quickly addressing physical ailments and are willing to expend
time and energy to look good and feel well.  However, people are often reluctant to address their
emotional health, as well as serious life problems or crises, i.e., depression, anxiety, mood swings,
relationship problems, life transitions and grief.  They may view seeking counseling as a sign of
weakness.  Actually, it takes more courage and strength to address problems and issues than to
ignore them.  Many people fail to realize the important role that good emotional health plays in physical
health and overall fitness and wellbeing

People who are over-stressed, anxious, or depressed tend to get sick more often and have a lower
quality of life, affecting their libido, motivation, energy level, memory, ability to focus and concentrate,
their intensity of pain is increased and the immune system is negatively affected.

It is an established fact that most mental-health or life crises can be successfully resolved when
addressed and treated with counseling.  Those who take care of their emotional fitness improve their
physical health, fitness and quality of life.